by Trybe



released August 23, 2013

Produced by: Trybe (James Flowers, Gabriel Rivas)
Written/Composed by: James Flowers, Gabriel Rivas
Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by: James Flowers
Guitar/Tech/Vox: James Flowers
Bass/Tech/Vox: Gabriel Rivas
Drums/Percussion: Gabriel Rivas, James Flowers
Hand Percussion: Gabriel Rivas
Select Vox on "Sundials": Veronica Romano
Graphic Design (CD/Album artwork): Gabriel Rivas, James Flowers

All sounds performed by live instruments.



all rights reserved


Trybe Miami, Florida

Trybe has expanded the metal genre with psychadellic influence and music that questions the limits of the human mind. With a vast spectrum of influences ranging from punk, rock, heavy metal, and alternative music to jazz and blues, Trybe presents a tasteful mind-expanding new genre, constantly pushing closer to their goal of bringing real music back to the ears of the beholders. ... more

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Track Name: Shapeshifter
Lights out for both sides of the brain
I don't care, take your share
I thought alone that night, dreamed of losing sight
I know the price I'll pay, the debt to misbehave
Quit right now, breath deeper
Scream louder, run faster
On my way down falling blind, death sentence shame
Lay down, breathe out
Sleep now, dream loud
Throw it all away into the fire of heart's desire,
Throw it all away
I personified you, I made you
Panasonic shrine, let's tear the motherfucker down
I am not myself
You are not yourself
I am not yourself
You are not myself
Time won't tell, I'm falling
(I'm talking about a change)
(I'm talking about a change)
I can feel the city, breathing slow and hurried
Time is ticking faster, voices shouting answers
I can see it in me reaching for the surface
Can you hear them singing?
Dance with me in shadow
Track Name: Sundials
So far from the sun,
So far from the moon,
Maybe the end the end will find you soon
I know that someday we will,
I know that someday we will, shadow the past and we will choose

Shadows turning
You're still human
Seconds burning
Tensions blurring
Safety, refuge
You're still human
Track Name: No Memory
Tracing sin in her eyes,
All I need to stabilize my mind is time
One by one, rhythm born into color
Distance calling, lost in the draining absence
I know, I've been told daughters change
Focused, hoarded fortune fading away
All that's here is now
One by one, whisper honest lies
In this moment try - open focused eyes
Turning circles call the lost home
Turning circles call the lost home
Track Name: Each Fleeting Hour
Close your eyes
Take your last breath
We are standing at the world's end
Come out and play, we're being watched from inside
Something still remains, lurking in the shadows
Tales of times past - tell the children
I hate my love
I hate my love
I'm sinking deeper, my own pool of blood
Asking the clock, "how much longer now?"
Run, run as fast as you can,
It won't matter anyway,
Accept this gift of pain

Tell the children,
Tell the children - there's no home
Track Name: Back to Dust
Brothers breaking the fall
I can't take from it all
The sun don't shine here no more
The sun don't shine here anymore

Stick to your guns
Fractals breeding through the frame
Stare down the gun
Don't you know that I've been running

I want more
I want more
I want more
I want more

Don't you know that I've been running